Kim Possible Discussion Panel

Transcript 7

Animatic Clip 6 –

Kim: Britina, what are the charges?

Britina: {They} said I stole cash from {} for the wrap party for that reality show Born to


Ron: Oo-oo, born to shop! Starring Camille Leon, heiress to a vast cat food fortune, socialite, quick service restaurant spokesperson…

Kim: You’re reading the Weekly Wonder again, aren’t you?

Ron: She’s an image maker, I’m an image taker.

Kim: She’s like the most shallow person on earth.

Ron: Kim, ‘shallow’ is the new black.

Mark: So, with Camille we, uh, we’re doing a spoof of some prominent headline grabber. So we had this idea that we had not a shape-shifter yet so we thought the idea of a rich socialite who had plastic sur-, experimental plastic surgery that she could morph into anybody. And the voice is Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical, Sweet Life of Zack and Cody. She was great. She was really funny, and a lot of fun to work with. So, we never have enough villainesses, you know, other that Shego. It’s hard to find one that repeats well.

Steve: It’s fun to have a villain also that’s not so super powered, super-able when she fights she’s like (makes ‘girly’ slapping gestures), but um….

Mark: And then that was the fist glimpse of Debutante.

Steve: Debutante, the hairless cat.

Question: {}

Mark: Well we have Ashley Tisdale {} Well, Richard Kind’s back as Frugal Lucre. We have Season one… Actually he’s tormenting Drakken in his cell for several episodes.

Steve: Most the episodes that have gone through so far are kind of bringing back our established villains because we kind of want to re-introduce them for continuity I guess you’d say {}

Mark: Every year, every season, we vow we’re going to do less Drakken & Shego cuz we just over-use them and we should come up with some new villains. And every year we go back to Drakken and Shego.

Steve: In a funny way, there’s an episode coming up wand that’s coming up where Drakken kind of does pirate scene. We have a whole whole pirate adventure.

Mark: Yes, The Pirate Curse.

Bob: And we have Go Team Go coming back for a few episodes. A lot of people are back.

Steve: Yeah.

Question: {music video?}

Mark: There’s a song that we had written that sort of represents the whole senior year. We haven’t heard anything new about that. It’s written….

Bob: I think they’re going to make a big video out of that to try to get the Disney Channel stars {} promoting the new season {}

Question: Aren’t they running out of things {}

Bob: Disney Channel?

Mark: Never.

Bob: {} ratings are actually higher than they’ve been before {}

Question: I hear that you’re planning, uh thinking, of redoing the intro theme. You know, maybe adding some clips or something…?

Mark: The music will stay the same.

Bob: The clips from that are still basically from the first 3 or 4 episodes.

Steve: I’m a little nervous about that {} cross section {}

Bob: Well I’ve discovered YouTube. A billion things for fans {}.

Steve: Yeah, I’ve been wondering how long it took them to do that because once I get into that edit thing it can take hours and hours and hours so {}

Bob: I also discovered… I showed it to Will and John this week, the German Naked Mole Rat and Rappin Drakken on Youtube. I highly recommended it.

Steve: {} German Kim Possible things {} Japan where were walk around the studio and we showed them stuff and {}

Mark: The Japanese was great.

Steve: The Japanese one was great {} Japanese {} German {} is on ronstoppable.net.

Question: This is again to do with the voice acting… has the voice actors performance ever influenced the way you write or influence …?

Mark: Oh yeah always. I mean that’s sort of how find the characters. I mean we write like what our idea book characters are but then once when the actors get a hold of it…

Bob: When we did the original like 11 minute pilot expanded it to be the episode Crush. Drakken… Shego she was just sort of a sidekick. It wasn’t until we really heard her perfor– and we’ve worked with Nicole before on Buzz Lightyear... but it wasn’t until we heard her performances that we really started to write their strange relationship. And that really came out of the first recordings for that. Sort of writing Shego being sassy towards him … so obviously superior…

Mark: And then we… anybody who sort of looked at season one knows that there’s sort of like three pilots. What became Crush was a thing we made for focus testing and it was supposed to be eleven minutes but because we overwrite, it was fourteen…. and it introduced Drakken

Bob: It didn’t even have Shego in it…

Mark: Yeah (it did)….

Bob: The fourteen minute one?


Bob: I don’t think so... not in the original fourteen. I think we added her.. we rewrote that scene after a {}

Mark: Anyway, so we had that one. And then we wrote Tick-Tick-Tick as a genuine kind of first episode {} prelim based on the mini-version of Crush. We wrote Tick-Tick-Tick where we had the first meeting between Drakken and Kim.

Bob: We didn’t think we’d ever actually make Crush an episode since it’s 11 to 12 {}

Mark: Yeah, we’d probably never we’d make that. And then Bueno Nacho was written to be an introductory kind of episode even though Tick-Tick-Tick was the first meeting we thought let’s do one that you know could play early and sure enough that one was actually produced first and therefore aired first{}…

Bob: {joke about yelling next door}

Mark: And then later we were in script schedule trouble and we pulled Crush out… and added Shego. And then, uh, we ended up with three episodes that all sort of deal … like they could be the pilot. We .. sort of three first episodes.

Q: Didn’t John Dimaggio {} Motor Ed too?

Bob: Yeah, Motor Ed totally came about voice that John uses…

Mark: John has always been voice seriously doing that voice goofing around, and so we had to create a character based on that.

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