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5/6/2017: We have made some improvements to the screencap gallery. We got the navigation working better (yay!) and you can now get back to the home page. We've also got the full episode list visible and restored our original screencaps of So the Drama!

5/4/2017: Initial screencaps site is up! Check it out here: Links will be enabled as we add more and more episodes.

5/2/2017: We've been busy! The screen caps site is almost ready to go live again. We ran into some issues with our backup and some data was corrupted. We're going to go live with what we've got soon. Some 56,000+ images. Mostly covering Seasons 2 and 3. Unfortunately, that means a lot of images are lost. On the positive side, it will mean HD images for the entire collection as we work on rebuilding it.

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